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Americans Rally for America

 Pasadena - Costa Mesa - Alta Loma 

  Just saying NO to Aztlan.

American citizens from different neighborhoods and all walks of life spontaneously gathered together for impromptu rallies all over Southern California on May 1st.

American counter protesters took to the streets, some in small groups, some standing alone, just to demonstrate their opposition to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens threatening to disrupt America during the Marxist May 1st "Day without Illegal Immigrants" protests.

An American standing up for the Stars and Stripes.

Average American stepped forward May 1st to let other Americans (and the illegal foreign nationals protesting in their streets) that they won't stand for foreign intervention in the internal politics of the US.















No "El Che" banners waved here!

These rallies didn't get any media attention, but that's OK.   Americans, including motorist and pedestrians witnessed their fellow workers, students, church members, veterans, senior citizens, legal immigrants, and others -- supporting our country. 

In contrast, illegal alien protestors waved Mexican and other Latin American flags down main street America, demanding "rights" to break our laws.

      Waving the flag to L.A. commuters. 


Citizen Activists find Phony Banners stating Computer Servers are Down, Businesses Closed

In a desperate attempt to stop commuters from going to work, supporters of the May 1st boycott placed banners on highway overpasses with messages meant to make commuters to return home. "Minuteman Herrera," pictured here, took the signs down.


Flag Rally by Costa Mesa City Hall

Since Costa Mesa Mayor Mansoor has supported citizens concerns about criminal illegal aliens, some Americans decided to gather on an overpass near the Costa Mesa City Hall, symbolically supporting the mayor.


Support in Orange County.

The public was happy to see their friends and neighbors standing up for every US citizen's civil rights.  The Minutemen and Minute-women (and other Americans) got lots of thumbs up and supportive horn honking for their peaceful and non-threatening activism (which was in contrast to some very chaotic demonstrations held by the illegal aliens and their supporters. 

In Alta Loma, People were Honking, Waving, & Cheering!

At an Alta Loma overpass, citizens from various citizen groups brought their flags and "rally dog" to let their fellow Americans know that there is opposition to the illegal alien boycott and invasion.  While thousands of illegal aliens protested without CHP interference, the CHP ask this small group of US citizens to leave.  

There was also a "Pro American Rally" in Santa Ana, CA.
This was an organized rally by "Sandra" from Orange County.
Mounted police were there to protect Americans from  illegal aliens who think California belongs to Mexico and don't want US border security.
A radio host aired his program on-site and talked about the important difference between legal and illegal immigration.



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