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 Wells Fargo Rally Activists!

Wells Fargo Protest
Burbank, CA
February 11. 2006

       Educating America!

The Wells Fargo Protest was a great success

Bank Accounts closed/$30,000 in Wells Fargo Stock Sold!

About the Protest

The purpose of  protesting Wells Fargo (WF)  was to help educate the WF staff,  its customers, and the local community, about WF's practice of marketing its services to people living in the US illegally (illegal aliens).

Examples of  WF's business practices that pose security threats to the USA  include:

The brave citizen activists spent last Saturday passing out educational flyers and encouraging WF customers to switch their accounts to other banks that do not accept  matricula consular ID's and do not give home loans to illegals.

In support of the protest, several people closed their WF bank accounts and one senior citizen activist sold her WF stock.

Thankfully, the bank staff was friendly and courteous [OJJPAC hopes they join the cause against  illegal immigration!]. The public was also overwhelmingly supportive of the rally too.  Several  locals even  joined the rally after seeing and talking with the protesters.

These Californian citizen activists now plan to write WF's CEO and Chairman Richard Kovacevich, requesting the discontinuation of WF's illegal alien marketing program.  Let's get involved too and let WF know that all Americans are concerned about WF's business practices that help criminal aliens blend into our society and threaten US national security.

If you would like to write to WF's CEO, send your letter to:

Richard Kovacevich, CEO Chairman
Wells Fargo & Co.
PO Box 63750
San Francisco, CA 94163