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The 21st Century PAUL REVERE RIDERS visit

 Columbus, Ohio  

The Paul Revere Riders were joined by Ohio Citizens at the state Capitol to demonstrate their frustration with the Bush Administration and the US Senate's stone-walling of meaningful immigration enforcement.  

President Bush and some members in both houses of Congress continue to advance legislative plans for  a de facto amnesty for the 20,000,000 illegal aliens now living in the US.  Polls say 80% of Americans just say NO.







 This American's sign attempts to remind employers that it is agaist US law to hire illegal aliens rather than Americans.

OJJPAC  agrees that it is not only unlawful but un-American to kick US workers out of the door and replace them with cheaper illegal foreign labor force.

Activists Message to President Bush & Congress 


As the legendary Paul Revere gave notice to the approach of British troops during the American Revolutionary War, the Paul Revere Riders' are traveling the country in order to warn Americans about another threat to US political self-determination--uncontrolled illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration reform activists rallied in front of Ohio's State House July 30th to demonstrate against any amnesty scams that President Bush, Mexico, or the US Congress have in mind for the millions of illegal aliens on US soil.

The Riders' Rally included speakers and the distribution of issue educational material.  When pro-illegal immigration counter-protestors arrived and began harassing the peaceful rally members, local and state law enforcement officers stepped in to protect the rally participants.

The motorcyclists began their ride on May 29th in Denver, CO and completed their cross-county ride in Washington, D.C. last week.


As this sign reads, the Paul Revere Riders Support LEGAL immigration...

...The Paul Revere Riders oppose  ILLEGAL immigration.