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 Painesville Grassroots Rally 

The Painesville's Grassroots Rally Team held a rally on the Public Square in Painesville August 9th.  The rally was in support of lawful  immigration and opposed the smuggling of illegal aliens into Lake County.

Illegal aliens  in Lake County are violating the Civil Rights of Americans by displacing American workers, violating housing codes, participating in human smuggling, dealing in illegal narcotics, and increasing educational costs and health care costs for American taxpayers.


A Painesville Rally Team member, Barbara Garwood,  introduces Painesville Ward 2 Councilman Hal Werner (left).  Councilman Werner, a staunch opponent to illegal immigration, recently sponsored and passed a Resolution supporting city cooperation with federal authorities in the enforcement of immigration laws in Painesville, Ohio.  Werner's resolution is the first step in reversing Painesville's status as a Sanctuary City for Illegal Aliens.




OJJPAC.org calls for repeal of Lake County's Mexican Matricula Consular ID cards Resolution

OJJPAC Calls Mexican Matricula ID's fraudulent

Willoughby, OH --  Steve Salvi, founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, today called for the Lake County Commissioners to repeal a Resolution they passed in 2005 that recognized the Mexican Matricula Consular ID Card.  Salvi charged that the FBI has determined that the ID's are not secure and they are  primary  used by illegal aliens smuggled into the United States.  Salvi visited Willoughby Hills City Hall as part of the educational campaign to educate public officials and residents.

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