Activists peacefully at work to bring about positive change for America!

American civil rights activists protest greedy employers who break the law by illegally hiring  illegal aliens instead of American labor.








 Do these Californians look like vigilantes to you?  Of course not!  These citizens are what George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would call American patriots!



Lake Forest Day Laborer Site Protest
February 18, 2006
Lake Forest, CA

Community Activists Protest Employers who Illegally Hire Illegal Aliens


"Viva American Civil Rights Activists"

On Saturday a large group of illegal immigration reform activists held a protest in Lake Forest, CA.  The activists wanted to bring attention to local employers who illegally hire illegal alien day labor. 

The activists, representing a cross-section of Californian voters,  spent the day peacefully demonstrating while illegal aliens stood around waiting for employers to drive up and hire them for the day.  It didn't take long for employers to show up to hire the cheap illegal alien labor.

But due to the protest,  many employers were dissuaded from hiring the illegals and left empty handed.  Too bad -- they may have to hire Americans now!

Photos:  American civil rights protestors working to stop illegal immigration so legal immigrants rights' aren't violated!

 "Viva Poncho Villa?"

The American civil rights activists were confronted by counter protesters.  The counter-protesters support illegal immigration and the hiring of illegal aliens.  Some of the counter protestors carried "Support Immigrant Rights" signs as well as signs and pictures of Poncho Villa.  What the counter protestors don't understand is that the American community activists support immigrant rights -- legal immigrant rights!

Illegal aliens actually violate legal immigrant rights by entering the US illegally, while  conscientious legal immigrant applicants (who follow US laws) wait their turn.  Who would you want as your neighbor -- someone who believes they are above the law or someone who follows the same rules you do? And wouldn't Americans be better served by citizens who admire Thomas Jefferson more than Poncho Villa?


Photos:  Supporters of Illegal Aliens