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Minutemen & Minutewomen at the US Border:

 Doing the Job President Bush Refused to do!

Progressive citizen activists from across California traveled to Campo, California this week to take part in a national neighborhood border watch. 

If this family friendly border watch group can keep illegal alien drug "mules" from smuggling illegal narcotics into the US,  why can't George Bush?










America's unprotected border!

It is unfortunate when average American families have to step in to protect the US border while President Bush is in India paving the way for the outsourcing of  more American jobs. 


What brought this diverse group of civil rights activists  together?  

A common understanding that President Bush has failed to secure the US border.

The "Undocument Border Patrol Agents" -- assist the under-staffed and under-funded US Border Patrol while the Bush Administration gives billions of US tax dollars away to illegal aliens smuggled into the US.

Photo: An "Undocumented Border Patrol Agent."


Who benefits from an unprotected US Border?

Latin American drug lords who flood US communities with illegal drugs and illegal aliens.  Illegal aliens have formed criminal gangs in the US, such as MS-13, and sell their poison to American children throughout rural, suburban, and urban America.     

Terrorists, including al-Queda, also exploit our unprotected border areas, since all they need to do to enter the US is--walk in--just as 15 million other illegals have done.  

Photo: American labor built this observation deck to watch for Mexican drug smugglers and terrorists.


Is the US border really that unsecured?

Take a look at this photo and decide for yourself.

This is the US and Mexican border.  How difficult would it be for terrorists to walk in with  biological or nuclear weapons? 

Photo: Minutemen stand watch on the US and Mexican border.

Minutemen even mend the US border fence!

One Minuteman volunteer known as "Gadget Dan" spends much of his time repairing the US border fence at no cost to US taxpayers. 

Dan's favorite saying is "Have pliers, will travel."

Another job neglected by the federal government. 

Photos: Border fence repaired by Minuteman Dan near the monument station

More photos of the Campo, CA border watch!

Photo (left): "Steve," Jim Gilchrist and Barbara Coe at the VFW Post in  Campo, CA for a border-watch briefing. 

Photo (right): "Jeff", the organizer for this border watch with author Jerome Corsi, who is collaborating with Jim Gilchrist on an upcoming book about illegal immigration.



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