OJJPAC: Benefits of Ending Illegal Immigration

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CRIME reduction in the following areas:

  • Human smuggling (including terrorists), and money laundering.

  • Sex slave trade (child and adult), prostitution, and pedophilia.

  • Drug smuggling, trafficking, distribution, dealing, and use.

  • Identity theft. The theft of identities of American adults and children by illegal aliens. 

  • Fraud: visa fraud, marriage fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, Social Security fraud, food stamp fraud, tax fraud, driverís license fraud, mortgage fraud, and real estate fraud.

  • Gang violence (i.e., MS 13), which results in the injury and death of thousands of Americans annually.

  • Drunk driving which needlessly kills and maims many American men, women, and children.

  • Black-market weapons and ammunition trafficking for use against the American public and law enforcement.

  • Every type of violent crime, including home invasions, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

POLITICAL benefits for the US political system:

  • Give credibility to U.S. immigration law, which is now considered a joke around the world.

  • Ohio may be able to keep its current number of Congressional districts.

  • Courts wonít be burdened with so many criminal and civil cases.

  • Immigration courts wonít be backlogged.

  • Local governments wonít be financially burdened by having to duplicate all information in multiple languages and legally forced to provide interpreters.

  • Reduction in voter and election fraud.

  • Persons applying for legal immigration will be able to be processed more quickly.

  • Support the concept that immigrants need to assimilate into U.S. society and comply with U.S. law.

  • Reduce racism and or claims of racism.

  • End "sanctuary policies," in which some public officials refuse to bring illegal aliens to justice for ethnocentric or political reasons.

  • Prevents millions of illegal aliens, with political allegiances to foreign powers, from further manipulating our local, state and federal governments, and subverting the American peoplesí right to sovereignty and self-determination.

ECONOMIC benefits for the US Economy:

  • Billions now spent on providing services to illegal aliens could be saved or spent on needy American citizens. Why should American taxpayers be looted in order to save foreign governments money?

  • Taxpayers will save billions in taxes because they wonít be burdened by having to pay for the education of millions of illegal aliens (Approximate K-12 cost to US taxpayer: $100,000 per illegal alien student).

  • Taxpayers will save billions in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security fraud.

  • Taxpayers will save billion in costs to jail tens of thousands of illegal alien felons who commit a variety of serious crimes against U.S. citizens, ranging from pedophilia to murder.

  • Lessen downward pressure on wage rates for low income Americans who are losing their jobs to illegal aliens..

  • Prevent more hospital bankruptcies due to millions of illegal aliens receiving free medical care.

  • Reduce healthcare costs for Americans since illegal alien medical care costs wonít be passed on to American citizens.

  • Billions saved in direct and indirect costs of reduced drug smuggling and illegal drug use.

  • Prevents communities from bearing the financial burden of absorbing millions of illegal uneducated adults who cannot afford to live in the U.S., and will require lifelong taxpayer supported social services.


  • Make it more difficult for terrorists to enter and operate cells in the U.S. without being detected

  • Prevent the proliferation of violent and dangerous regional and national gangs that may assist terrorist in exchange for money.

  • Prevent terrorists from obtaining access to sensitive U.S. military installations by posing as illegal aliens seeking work from government subcontractors.

  • Significant crime reduction as stated above (crime is a security issue).  

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