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Stop subsidized In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens!

(a/k/a "Tuition Equity" )

Tuition Equity = Taxpayer subsidized tuition for Illegal aliens.

Ohio's Board of Regents allows Illegal Aliens to obtain Ohio taxpayer subsidized college tuition

1-29-17 Action Alert!  

Since 2013, Illegal aliens have been able to get Ohio taxpayer subsidized college tuition.

What can you do to help stop taxpayer subsidized college tuition for Illegal Aliens?

1.    Call Ohio Board of Regents' Chancellor John Carey and tell him you oppose taxpayer subsidized tuition for illegal aliens!

Call: 614-466-6000  Email: jcarey@regents.state.oh.us

2.    Attend an Ohio Board of Regents meetings or events and demand change.

Event & Meeting Schedule

3.    Call and ask Governor John Kasich to oppose In-state tuition for illegal aliens; and abolish the Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs!

 Governor's office: 614-466-3555

Sample script:  Hello, I am calling today to request that you ask Governor Kasich and your legislative party leaders to oppose in-state subsidized tuition rates (aka tuition equity) for illegal aliens.  I do not believe that this Commission should be using my scarce tax dollars to subsidize the college education of illegal aliens in Ohio.  Thank you.

Governor John Kasich's mailing address:
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Oh 43215-6117

4. Ask your Ohio state representative and Ohio state senator to oppose In-state tuition for illegal aliens; and abolish the Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs! 

( Your Ohio state representative and state senator via the links below. )

Members of the Ohio Senate

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives

Sample script:  Hello, I am calling today to request that you ask  your legislative party leaders to oppose in-state subsidized tuition rates (a.k.a. tuition equity) for illegal aliens.  I don't believe that my scarce tax dollars should be used to subsidize the college education of illegal aliens in Ohio.  Thank you.

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Q.) What Ohio Commission used your tax dollars to get taxpayer subsidized college tuition rates for illegal aliens?

A.) The Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (OCHLA).

Q) How did OCHLA plan to get Ohio to give illegal aliens in-state subsidized college tuition?

A)  OCHLA worked within state government to redefine "residency," in relation to college tuition rules, to include illegal aliens that have attended and graduated from Ohio high schools.

OCHLA  also worked with outside advocacy groups to pressure Ohio's public officials to pass legislation.


Why should Illegal Aliens get more favorable tuition rates than U.S. citizens?

By Steve Salvi, Founder, OJJPAC.org

    Public college tuition schedules are usually at least two-tiered. Residents who meet certain requirements pay "in-state tuition," which is less than the "out-of-state tuition" that is typically paid by legal foreign students and American students whose legal residency is in another state. (Non-resident students are charged higher tuition because they have typically not had to pay the hefty state and local residential taxes which subsidize state colleges and universities.)

    However, illegal aliens in some states are now paying the lower "in-state" tuition, and illegals in other states (who do not presently grant illegals in-state tuition) are now also demanding a right to in-state tuition too. The illegal aliens not surprisingly tend to gloss over the fact that they are not U.S. citizens nor have a right to reside in the U.S.  Many American students attending out-of-state schools think it is unfair that illegal aliens, which are primarily Mexican nationals, are given privileges that they don't even get.

    The open-border ethnocentric advocates (such as La Raza, MEChA, LULAC) and their supporters in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures are even trying to legitimize this injustice to American families by attempting to pass legislation which would regularize the practice of giving illegal aliens lower tuition fees. The bill is called the "DREAM Act -- which is great for illegal aliens but a nightmare for U.S. taxpayers who must work to subsidize people who are in the U.S. illegally.

    Why should US taxpayers be forced to subsidize the college education of millions of illegal aliens when many Americans can't afford to send their own children to college?  Wouldn't it be nice if Americans could sneak into another country, pay no taxes, and get the privileges of a free K-12 grade education and then get a discounted college education?  That is exactly what is happening in the U.S. -- illegal aliens are residing in the U.S. (which by the way is a federal crime) and then going to school here on your dime. Then the illegal aliens have the nerve to protest and vilify U.S. public officials and citizens who want the federal government to enforce our immigration laws.

The bottom-line

     Illegal aliens should not get special treatment in our public or  private colleges and universities.  In fact, they should not even be admitted.  As illegal aliens, they have no legal right to be in the U.S.    Why are some states allowing illegal aliens the privilege of attending U.S. taxpayer supported schools? The answer is that too few Americans know what is going on and even fewer are doing anything about it.  The groups that support spending U.S. tax dollars on a multitude of benefits for illegal aliens are lobbying government officials 24/7 to get favorable treatment through administrative orders, executive orders, and laws.

    In my opinion, the best way to help "educate" illegal aliens is to teach them about the rule of law. The first lesson should be that the U.S. enforcement of existing immigration laws. Unfortunately, our immigration laws have been adequately enforced for many years, and the Obama administration has actively worked to undermine enforcement and press for Amnesty to maintain Hispanic political support. This is not a partisan statement, just a known fact.

    Since the legislative and executive branches of government have tended to pander to illegal immigration interests, some out-of-state students (Americans) have turned to the courts for relief. Some students are suing their colleges for tuition reimbursement equal to the difference in the fees their are charged and the more favorable rates illegal aliens must pay.

I "DREAM" that the American students win their lawsuits and the American people wake up and tell their public officials to kill the "DREAM Act" and start enforcing our existing immigration laws.

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