Activists' account of the Code Red Rally in D.C.

By Angel Fleming & Shane Hayes, Activists and guest opinion writers


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Chants echoed through the capitol Tuesday afternoon of “Kill the Bill!” and “Do no harm!” (from the Hippocratic Oath) as thousands of angry Americans gathered, once again, to declare our republic and liberty in a “State of Emergency,” better known as “Code Red.” 

Though the overall spirit of the crowd was upbeat and pro-America, there was certainly an underlying vibe of frustration and anger as our own government is forcing us to our breaking point.


 “Can you hear us now?” is an all-too-common chant at these events and, as simplistic a message as this is, it couldn’t be more imperative.  While the attendees of these rallies are often maligned by the media, the people who attend know their rights and the laws of the land, and know all too well when their own elected representatives are willing to set both aside to promote their own agenda.  As Laura Ingraham had at one point said (quoting the Declaration of Independence):

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

Ingraham poignantly followed it up with, “Ladies and gentlemen of the congress, you no longer have our consent!”

It was expressly touching to have Ms. Ingraham spend some time with us. Ingraham, a breast cancer survivor, managed to keep her remarks humorous and positive, but one couldn’t help but think of how her treatment would have differed under this proposed health reform plan. She did mention sarcastically how it was her personal favorite stipulation in this healthcare bill that women would have to wait a year to get a mammogram.

As we heard from Americans for Prosperity, 61% of all Americans oppose this bill.  Constitutionally speaking, we don’t even need a majority to oppose this bill as it is essentially unlawful for our “representatives” to even be entertaining a bill that would essentially tax us for merely existing, while cutting our chances of surviving diseases like cancer (but allowing the vain to receive Botox and abortions on the taxpayers’ dime).  As congress pushes legislation that in fact excludes themselves and their families, the voice of the people grows louder.  We demand the laws of the land be upheld and the federal government cease with its reckless spending and killing of jobs.

Michele Bachmann was, as always, an eloquent and exciting speaker at this rally.  She was emotionally charged and truly patriotic.  As other elected officials had said previous to her speech, but shied in comparison, she reminded the American public that she and her colleagues work for us and she is so proud to be our servant.  

Many ask if these rallies and protests are accomplishing anything. From Fleming and Hayes’ perspective, we feel it is accomplishing quite a lot.  With every rally less and less people are proclaiming that they’ve “never done anything like this before”.  Everyone was eager to share their stories of Tea Parties and other various rallies they’ve attended.  The people we’ve met will keep coming back to their own state capitols and Washington until they feel that those who were elected to be their voice hear theirs.

 Even if our imperialistic government insists on ignoring us and violating our Constitution, we are aligning and uniting.  Fleming and Hayes have made wonderful contacts at these rallies, connections and friends for life. We are streamlining communication and joining forces to rise up against corruption. While we feel sign-holding and chants won’t keep Harry Reid and his ilk from pilfering our liberties, it will certainly be a foundation of opposition and resistance to come.  

We had a unique opportunity, on our way home from DC, to drive by Ground Zero.  It is a sobering reminder that liberty is certainly worth defending because there are many so willing to murder it.  While we will not accuse progressives of terrorism or being enemies of the state, they certainly have seemed to forget their job description and oath of office and must be stopped from harming our nation’s sovereignty and future.  The ever expanding Federal Government and its mountain of debt is the most prevalent issue of the day.  Congress is debating the future of our entire medical system, while indebting future generations to foreign nations.  All we ask is that our elected officials put aside their ideology and agendas and consider what Bachmann said “do no harm”.